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Honey Pie: art projects for children

In all these years, all my efforts sprang from the love for art and the deep-rooted conviction that art is an essential tile for the development of the rich and complex mosaic that is the personality of each individual.

Initially, just after completing my academic studies, I dedicated myself to a very specific field - printmaking - which is mostly self-referential and often attended just by printmakers themselves. At that time, I fell madly in love with teaching and I wanted to increase the knowledge and practice of the graphic arts to a wider audience. This is how I started and - how time flies! - I have now offered ongoing courses for adults and children for almost ten years.

Working with children and young artists is fascinating and gives increasing evidence to the theory that creativity is a resource to be encouraged. It benefits assertiveness, the ability to express oneself and one's world and it creates a positive alliance between practical skills and intellectual abilities.
If you are interested in my project HoneyPie and in the courses for the little ones that I have developed over the years, you can download my brochure here.

Your child is already an artist, a poet and a dreamer.
Art can help him express himself and his world.

Progetto Ecate Workshop, via Palestro 7, 22100 Como - Italy •

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